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Testimony from Sarah Anderson, Finneytown Vineyard Church

Vineyard Finneytown was thrilled to host Duke and Marie Lancaster for a weekend. They taught a prophetic workshop on Saturday afternoon, and then ministered and taught on Sunday morning. Each person they interacted with felt loved, seen, and valued by this couple.

They embody the kindness of the Lord. They made everyone at the workshop feel comfortable and at ease--even people who had no experience with the prophetic. There was a time of practical teaching and then a chance to practice the prophetic. Everyone gave and received accurate words and had significant encounters with God.

The Sunday service was beautiful. The combination of Duke's singing at the piano and Marie's fiery revelatory word was powerful.

They came, loved, served, and left our church more encouraged and with a deeper revelation of Jesus. I highly recommend inviting this couple to your church!

Sarah Anderson

Pastor, Vineyard Finneytown

Cincinnati, OH

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