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Testimony from Jay Molina, Tampa Bay Vineyard

Duke & Marie Lancaster were a blessing when they came to our church.

They started in our “Hearing from God” small group where they taught on prophecy and the difference between how this gift was used in the Old Testament and the New Testament. They followed this up by prophesying over each person in the room.

Everyone was amazed how accurate their words were.

On Saturday we held a morning and afternoon session where we talked about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Duke led us through a series of exercises where we prophesied over each other using different techniques.

It was amazing to hear what people who had never done this before heard from God for others.

Finally, Duke and Marie ministered in our Sunday service through song, the Word, and leading us in Ministry Time. They modeled the prophetic and helped lead people through the 5-step prayer model as we prayed for healing. Several people were either healed or their pain level greatly reduced.

The Lancaster’s sensitivity toward the pastors and the local congregation was on display and greatly appreciated. They were an incredible blessing, not only to our congregation but also to us personally.

Jay Molina

Pastor, Tampa Bay Vineyard

Tampa, FL

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