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Schedule Us To Come To Your Church

We are full-time traveling ministers. We would love to come to your church to release the power of God through teaching and activating your people in healing, prophecy and other spiritual gifts. Our desire is to see you and your church experience an increase in their measure of gifting and influence.

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What do we do?

We have been leaders and teachers in several schools of supernatural ministry for years. We believe the best way to equip a person (or a church) is to use a 'show-and-tell' model. We will provide Biblical teaching and build a foundation for what we will experience. Then we will do what we call activations... these are small group activities focused on getting people out of their seats and into the game. John Wimber used to say "Everybody Gets To Play". We believe this is more than a nice idea... we believe it is a mandate. 

Rediscovering the Gospel

We introduce the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. This is the gospel that Jesus himself preached and we believe it is the key to Power Ministry.   Many times we see the gospel as the answer to 'life-after-death' but the Kingdom of God has as much to do with life here on earth as it does the hereafter. We will discover together what living in the Kingdom means and how we can get in touch with that reality and literally  "Do the works that Jesus did" (John 14:12).

Healing and Deliverance

The New Testament spends a lot of time highlighting miraculous signs and wonders, and none more prominent than healing. We use John Wimber's five-step healing model as a launchpad for introducing healing ministry to all believers. We will use activations to actually leave people with practical experience praying for the sick.


Prophetic Ministry

Prophecy is one of the most powerful tools the church has at its disposal, yet many are afraid of it and have seen some terrible examples and models. We teach a simple model for understanding prophecy, as 1 Corinthians 14:3 says, "for encouragement, edification, and comfort",   and use activations to get the students comfortable with sharing a word and help them gain confidence that they really can hear from God.

Practical Five-Fold for  the Church

This teaching is primarily aimed at the leadership of the church. In it, we discover how each leader sees the world... I call it their "spiritual worldview" based on the five roles laid out in Ephesians 4:11-13.  This approach to the five-fold ministry tries to bypass some of the excesses that have occurred around these passages and allow us to start thinking strategically about our leaders, helping them communicate and function more as a team.


We would love to add you to our schedule. Let's Talk.

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