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Zimbabwe Mission is Productive Despite Challenges

Marie and I just got back from 2 weeks in Zimbabwe. We went as part of a team with Jim Taylor and The Pointe Church in Brandon, Mississippi working through Grace Methodist Church International in Zimbabwe.

GMCI is aggressively planting churches in unreached parts of the nation of Zimbabwe. They will identify a region needing a church, identify and train a Pastor to plant in that region, and take a team to do preaching events in that region for a few days to gather people, present the gospel, and invite them into a relationship with Christ. At the conclusion of the event, they will gather the new believers and introduce their new Pastor. They literally will plant a church in 3 or 4 days.

I've had the privilege of working with them 2 years in a row and have seen 4 churches planted in the 2 trips I've taken. This year we left the new group with 166 new believers in their first gathering as a church in the remote village of Malapati in southern Zimbabwe.

This mission was successful despite numerous challenges. We had multiple vehicle issues over the 9 days of travel, often in extremely remote regions inspiring some creative fixes. In one case we lost a tire and had already used the spare. We were carrying a small trail motorcycle to be given to a missionary later in the week. So, somebody threw the bad tire over their shoulder, jumped on the bike, and backtracked several hours to get a repair to the tire and return. These were relatively small inconveniences as the rewards were great.

On the fun side, we were staying very near a game preserve. One evening as we were sitting outside our shelter we saw a small herd of elephants pass by us not 30 yards away. That's kinda cool to a Mississippi boy.

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