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New Role in Vineyard Missions

In the most recent twist in this ministry adventure Marie and I have been on, Vineyard Missions has offered and we have accepted the position of Mission Mobilizers for the Gulf Coast Region, Great Lakes Region, and the Midwest Central Region of Vineyard USA (roughly one-third of all US Vineyards). This is a part-time role focused on promoting and facilitating local Vineyard churches' involvement with foreign missions through Vineyard Missions Partnerships.

Marie and I have been involved with Vineyard Missions Partnerships for many years and I currently still serve as the Colombia Partnership Leader. This role feels like a natural fit and will involve a great deal of travel, communication, and interaction with local Vineyard churches.

We are still defining the position but believe it

should not significantly impact our Metron work and we are continuing to book events. We are excited about the opportunity to serve Vineyard Missions and look forward to what lies ahead.

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william Johnson
william Johnson
Mar 10, 2022

Sounds like God to me.

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