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Our Work in Colombia

Marie, Carlos Quintanilla, and I were in Colombia for 10 days in April, from the 13th through the 20th. We were all over the country, traveling to multiple cities and meeting with leaders from many churches.


In Medellin, we began with a 3-day Colombia Vineyard Pastors and Leaders Conference at the church in Medellin. This event was planned and carried out by the leadership in Medellin and was very well attended with almost every Vineyard church in the country being represented. Dania Harder from the Houston Vineyard joined us for the event as did a team from the Mexico Vineyards. The theme was unity and the event had the feeling of a family reunion even though many in attendance had never met the others.


Marie and I took time out from the conference in order to fly to Bogota to see our friend, Yolanda, and her family. Yolanda's husband Victor died suddenly in November of last year and we had not been able to visit until now. It was certainly a bittersweet reunion, but very healing to be able to spend the afternoon with them. Yolanda is continuing to lead the Bogota church and the family is persevering through what has been a challenging time.


We spent Easter Sunday at the La Viña in Buga, Colombia. This church has been in an adoption process with the Vineyard for almost 5 years. We had scheduled to go and formalize this adoption in April 2020, but things didn't go as we had planned. So, two years late, we were able to go and ordain Daniel and Mey Ballen and to formally receive the church into La Viña de Colombia.


In a more recent development, we were introduced to Hector David Mape. Hector was a worship pastor in a Vineyard church in Medellin in the 90s but that church had closed and its leaders scattered. Hector had moved to Neiva and planted a church several years ago and had recently reconnected with the current Medellin Vineyard church seeking fellowship. At the recommendation of the Medellin pastor, we were delighted to receive this church into La Viña de Colombia.


We visited the remote city of Quibdo on the edge of the jungle. A beautiful city sitting on a river, Quibdo is known as the wettest city of its size or larger in the world. While there we met with a group of new believers meeting together under the covering and leadership of the Medellin church. There were incredible stories as each of these new Christians shared their conversion story. Most had encounters with Christ in dreams or visions and were divinely brought together as one would lead the other to Jesus. We are praying for this work to continue to flourish.

In all, we were on 14 flights in 10 days in what we believe was a very profitable time in the country. We saw a conference pulling our churches together, we saw 2 new churches released, and saw the beginnings of new work in territories we've not been to before. We are grateful for all your support in allowing us to serve the churches. I also want to acknowledge the enormous support and help from the Houston Vineyard, Carlos Quintanilla, Rich Andrews, and others who made this trip possible.

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