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Our Home with Wheels

We have finally purchased a motorhome for this next season of ministry. Marie prefers to just call it 'home' since it is, indeed, our full-time residence and not a recreational vehicle. We had been researching them since around October but began in earnest after our home sold in early December. We have crossed the continent, looking at them from Palm Springs, California to Jacksonville, Florida, and everywhere in between.

Marie and I had always thought we would just know when we saw the right coach. We had seen several that one or the other of us liked, but we had not had that moment where we both knew. When we saw this one we both experienced that "knowing".

Why a motorhome? First, we literally think God told us to be ready to go anywhere and we had multiple words regarding living in a motorhome. Second, we already travel a lot... I mean, A LOT. Since early December we have not slept in the same bed 3 nights in a row. I can't tell you how many times I've unpacked and repacked my suitcase, backpack, computer, CPAP, etc. We settled on a 40 foot Monaco diesel pusher. It will give us quick mobility while still having our home with us. We look forward to having our bedroom on the road.

I want to correct a couple of things we hear repeatedly.

Congratulations on your retirement.

I wish. We are most definitely not retired. We are just entering a new phase of ministry. We are simply not pastoring a church at this time. We have several years yet before we reach retirement.

Nice RV.

Again, not a recreational vehicle in our case. But, yes, we think it's nice, too.

Are you homeless?

We don't think of it that way. Our emphasis in the word 'motorhome' is on the 'Home'.

Couldn't you just buy a house and travel when needed?

Yes. But for us, it didn't feel right in this season

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