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Itinerant Diaries Podcast Changes

I really enjoy our podcast with Ash Hammack, Itinerant Diaries. It gives us an opportunity to share more detail than an article gives us, and also allows Marie and I to "think out loud" about some of the implications and observations from our life on the road. Ash also has a way of drawing stuff out of us that we might not think about otherwise which is always interesting.

We have begun to feel that it is much too inconsistent in its current form so we are going to try something a little different. Marie and I are going to start doing a video podcast twice a month (1st & 15th) where we discuss the highs and lows, the realities of the ministry, and the nomadic life.

I also foresee doing some interviews along the way with some of the incredible people we get to know and work alongside. And, certainly, we will get Ash to join us when we can.

We are already set up to be accessed through ANCHOR.FM and Spotify. Each episode will also be available here on and on youtube here.

We would love to hear from you. If there are questions or topics you would like to hear drop us a note at

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