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Into The Unknown

Last year, when we knew God was asking us to transition from leading a church in Mississippi to go and “encourage and strengthen” the Church and its leaders, we were excited, expectant, and full of ideas of how and what it would/could look like. We love the Church and have given most of our adult lives to serving Jesus, his mission, and our Kingdom family. We know both the joys and, let’s be real, the pain and disappointments that are part of leading in any group. So, when God said go, we went. He was sending us to encourage, equip and strengthen those we love. So, questions we get asked are, “How’s it going? What are you doing? What’s next? What’s the plan? Have you found a place to live yet? Are you sure you heard God? Is this wise? How are you going to live not having a paycheck from a ‘job’?”… Okay, to be honest, some of the questions are ones we ask ourselves.

The uncomfortable truth is, we don’t have many concrete answers to the previous questions and others. You can follow Duke’s blogs to find out what we are “doing”. My blog will focus more on “how” we are doing. Between the two of us, I hope to share a more whole picture of God’s mission to which he has called us, and you, to join. So I am inviting you into us, Marie and Duke, and as we continue to process and grow in this adventure of literally, the unknown. My prayer is that it will inspire and challenge you in your own adventure of the Kingdom and your personal growth.

So, how are we doing? Remember the feeling of being on a roller coaster and you just crested the highest peak and just dropped…and couldn’t clearly see what was ahead.

To be continued…

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