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Finding Equilibrium

My last post (which was my first post 😏) depicted the imminent drop from the highest point of a roller coaster and at that moment holding your breath in preparation for the intense sensation of the plunge. We’ve dropped…and in the following weeks have lived the twists, turns, and corkscrews and experienced the unexpected details of God’s dynamic plan(s). You have probably been keeping up with the details if you are reading the posts from the Metron site. If you haven’t, take a few minutes and catch up.

We have lived for a few months out of a suitcase in other’s guest rooms and hotel rooms. We are so grateful for their love and generosity of spirit. When we finally were able to focus on moving into our motor home it took about 3 weeks temporarily parked in Vineyard Jackson Church’s parking lot to unload the POD and start the organizational process of learning how to live in less than 400 square feet. All while boondocking (living with limited or no hookup capabilities). It was challenging. And it took more emotional and mental fortitude than I anticipated. It hasn’t been until we have been here in Tomball, TX for a week at our new home base that I have been able to become fully aware of how the uncertainty had affected both of us. It’s like looking in a mirror after getting off the wild roller coaster ride and seeing the effects: hair a little wild looking, eyes dilated, breathing accelerated, wondering if you lost anything important, and getting used to the feeling of solid ground beneath your feet. Finding balance again. It takes some adjustment. And the continued growth in trusting Daddy God and learning to grow more like a child…not trusting in our ability to make something happen but in Him to reveal and release at the right time In His way.

I have been meditating on Psalm 50 (TPT) for the last two weeks. Mostly in verses 14-15 and 23. In verse 23, the phrase “The life that pleases me is a life lived in the gratitude of grace,…” is where we are growing. The reality of living in not just His mercy (what we need) but in His grace (the abundantly more). And that it is resting in who He is and not what we do. The only things He “requires” of us are gratitude and trust in Him. And that is harder than it seems because our worldview, our understanding of how it ‘works’, has to transform. That process is unsettling to our sense of balance in life. A new normal has to be realized; a new equilibrium developed. Thankfully, Holy Spirit helps us with each adjustment. He helps us in the leveling process and creates stability. We just have to quit messing with the controls…

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